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MOVE2 Group presents the Range Extender Kit (REK) based on a fuel cell H2 for urban light electric vehicles.

MOVE2-CH develops Range Extender’s kits (REK) for manufacturers (OEM) of different light electric vehicles. The H2TEC® REK is designed and calculated to be fully integrated in each model of vehicle. . Our engineers also see tp the development of the electronic management and integration of the Range Extender in the body of the vehicles. This OEM equipment will be assembled directly at the manufacturer plants or in our workshops in Switzerland.

With H2TEC® REK, we succeeded by reducing the size and weight of the Lithium battery and even more : we have more than double the range (autonomy) by adding one and even more hydrogen tanks made of Kevlar.

The H2TEC® REK combines 2 sources of electric power by electrical charging and the filling of hydrogen.

At present, we are working together with 3 manufacturers of vehicles



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