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The MOVE2 Group designs and manufactures energy solutions that integrate fuel battery and hydrogen technology.
In line with sustainable mobility, hydrogen-powered mobility is the most ecological.

Against the background of this growing awareness, the MOVE@ Group offers the H2TEC® product line:

  • A Ranger Extender for light electric vehicles
  • A green mini hydrogen station
  • A hydrogen supply trailer

MOVE2-CH develops Range Extenders for manufacturers of different light electric vehicles. OEM is designed to be integrated specifically in each vehicle. Our engineers also see to the development of the electronic management and integration of the Range Extender in the body.

At present, we are working together with 3 manufacturers (of urban bikes, cargo-bikes and utility vehicles). The OEM equipment will be assembled directly at the manufacturer or in our workshops in Switzerland.

EZEE, electric bike "SPRINT"

The “SPRINT” urban electric bikes from EZEE® are made in Switzerland. We are in the development phase of adapting a Range Extender and a 350 bar, 35 g tank that will give bikes an autonomy of more than 100 km, without having to fill up with hydrogen. 

RADKUTSCHE, electric cargo bike "MUSKETIER"

The “Musketier” electric cargo-bikes from RADKUTSCHE are made in Germany. We are in the development phase to adapt a Range Extender and a 350 bar 10 litre hydrogen tank that will enable cargo-bikes to obtain 9 hours of autonomy and fill up only once with hydrogen during a working day.

Our H2TEC® Range Extender enables the "MUSKETIER" cargo-bike to transport useful loads of up to 400 kg.


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