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The BIKILIFT® is an automatic lifting system for vertical bike storage.

The BIKILIFT® helps you to store your (standard or electric) bike without the slightest physical effort!

Swivelling on a vertical axis, the BIKILIFT® enables you to store many bikes, even in the most cramped spaces while keeping the space needed to handle them.

The BIKILIFT® is fitted in all our BIKIBOX® lockers from the outset, except the CB series (model for two-wheel and three-wheel cargo-bikes).

The BIKILIFT® is the ideal solution for storing bikes in residential or commercial buildings.

Placed on aluminium profiles (kit reference: BKL-2000), the BIKILIFT® will be installed optimally on your wall enabling you to reduce the footprint by 40 to 50%!

The BIKILIFT® is available in 3 versions, depending on the size and weight of the bike to be stored.

The BIKILIFT® requires no maintenance and can been installed indoors and outdoors. Its body is in electro-galvanized and thermo-coated steel.


Reference Description
BKL-1012 BIKILIFT® for bikes up to 12 kg (children’s bike)
BKL-1024 BIKILIFT® for bikes up to 24 kg (standard bike)
BKL-1035 BIKILIFT® for bikes up to 35 kg (electric bike)
BKL-2000 Kit of aluminium profiles for wall mounting as of 3 bikes
Fastened on the ground with 5 pegs
Self-coloured polyester roof (white)
Bikes can be secured by chain or by cable
Option: 220 v plug

SKR-4016 Carrousel for parking 32 pairs of skis
Skis secured by gate with access code
Structure in brushed, unpainted stainless steel
Fastened on the ground with 5 pegs
Self-coloured polyester roof (white)
Option: 220 v plug


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